Evil Empire is Back.

A little turtle slowly scraps blue carpet in Yankee stadium, it’s name–Bronxie. I guess that’s a metaphor for this Yankees’ season, scraping, scratching, slowly reaching a destination. It has been a rollercoaster, an abysmal start and then a historic streak and then a nosedive and now another streak–I guess if you’re into patterns, it’s there. The Yankees are in the playoffs (currently) and their number is two, two games to reach the postseason, wait what? I thought they weren’t going to make it? Well you see, they went to Fenway and absolutely tore their hearts out. It wasn’t that they just swept Boston, it was the way they did it, it was medieval, it was cinematic, it was Game of Thrones season 4-ish (let’s forget about the ending). 

The Red Sox were positioned to be in the wild card spot but after dropping 2 games vs the glorious Baltimore Orioles, their season is on thin ice going into this Nationals series with the Seattle Mariners on their tail, they’re 9-1 in their last 10. They’re tied record wise and but anything goes, the Nationals have Juan Soto and the Angels have Shohei Ohtani. Players like this can change the outcome of even a fixed game. The end will have fireworks, for which team only the baseball gods know and the baseball gods are usually cruel.

Yes, the Yankees weren’t supposed to be in this situation numbers wise–Boston had such an easier schedule but momentum is extremely important at the end of a race. They had their heart torn out and thrown at a clubhouse like it was Bart Simpson in the episode “New Kid on the Block”. Judge and Stanton are playing two man home run derby, and no one else in the American League is invited. It’s a thrill to see it over and over, these aren’t just bloopers, these are lasers being shot into outer-space, big, big, 1999 Sosa/McGwire energy without the peds. Some could say Stanton almost beat Boston by himself, and maybe they’re not wrong but Judge has been incredible in this hot streak as well. Can they pull it off? Everyone is putting in their fair share–Gardy, Bronxie, Gio, Cole, Green, Jordan, Severino, Holmes, Luetge.

This team is scrappy and with such a high payroll, that element is often hard to correlate to the fanbase, but after that Boston series it seems like the Yankees are destined for the postseason.

We’re lost on the turnpike and we can’t find an exit.

As I drive down Route 3, Metlife stadium shines like a North Jersey lighthouse, a stadium which is filled every year with passionate fans who want one simple thing–a competitive team, a team with heart and grit. September comes around, leaves on the floor and hope in the air and every single year in recent memory feels the same. Maybe it’s the curse of Ben McAdoo and his slick back hair, maybe it’s because he benched the hall of famer (Eli Manning) for Geno Smith. All in all, I and other fans do understand how we arrived at these crossroads. Take it from me, being a Giants’ fan feels like getting kneed in the stomach and being told to enjoy the experience rather than point out how it’s bad for my overall health. Where do we start?

I think you start with Jerry Reese being one of the worst GMs at drafting and that’s putting it lightly. He was the GM for 10 years and over this time he selected 62 players–only 6 were pro-bowlers. Zak DeOssie, JPP, Linval Joseph, Odell Beckham Jr, Landon Collins, Evan Engram. That’s a hit rate of 19%, he drafted players such as Bryan Kehl, Rhett Bomar, Adrian Tracy, James Brewer, Markus Kuhn, Cooper Taylor, Andre Williams, Geremy Davis, Jerell Adams and the list goes on. Jerry Reese and all his terrible blunders were putting the New York Giants in a hole for years to come, as Eli Manning aged and had less to work with, his weaknesses became more evident. Jerry Reese built an unstable foundation for this franchise and his inability to draft retainable or even usable players is a factor that is felt in 2021. Think about this, a franchise like the Giants never made so many splashy moves in free agency but in 2016, the Eli Manning timeline was running out and their farm system didn’t produce any talent–so what did they do? Spent money, lots of money. Janoris Jenkins, Damon Harrison, Oliver Vernon cost them $194 million dollars,  it was a temporary and panic solution which would crumble into dust inevitably.

So here we are now, same old Giants–they have a quarterback with potential but are not using him properly. They reverse-invested in some offensive firepower (Kenny Golladay, Toney in the draft, John Ross, Kyle Rudolph) but have an offensive coordinator who runs a 1957 offense and on defense their schemes from last year are getting picked apart. Sprinkle in the fact that Joe Judge and company play to not lose and it’s just a headache from all angles, a beautiful built migraine. They lost a game to a division rival because they jumped the snap, they lost to a terrible, terrible team because they punted from the 50 yard line with under 2 minutes to go and their defense had butter fingers and they lost to a good Denver team because they’re that, good. 

At the moment the New York Giants are a 68 Camaro that has been passed down from generation to generation in your family, it looks amazing from the outside but when you start driving it, the shocks are toast, it handles like a boat, strange sounds are coming out of the hood and you fear you might break down on the GSP. Will Joe Judge get it together? I think so, but I don’t believe in Jason Garrett, and the game seems like it’s accelerating at a speed for which he can not keep pace with. It happens in football, but I hope the Giants realize this before it reaches the tipping point. And inn the metropolitan area it’s not a question of “will” it’s a question of “when”. 

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Eric G, Founder

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